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Moving Abroad?

Our clients experience is our top priority!

At BOS LOGISTICS we strive to offer the best International Transport services specific to your needs.

From crating, fine art packing, warehousing and pet relocation to our new online portal which puts you in control every step of the way. LET OUR FAMILY MOVE YOURS!


Often is the case when thinking about moving abroad, or indeed once you've made your decision it can be a confusing time trying to decide what method of transport best suites your specific requirements and budget.


  • Sea Freight:

    • If time is not much of an issue, container ship freight transportation is certainly the most cost-effective and best way to ship goods abroad. This is especially the case if you have a large amount of goods and belongings such as furniture, bikes or even cars to transport oversees. 

  • Airfreight: ​

    • Understandably, freight is a lot quicker by Air. Furthermore if you don't need to transport much, moving oversees by airfreight can actually be quite cost effective to. ​

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